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Daily support for men is a universal complex for every day, which includes the fruiting bodies of medicinal mushrooms, as well as plant extracts. The complex is designed to strengthen and support health, taking into account the physiological needs of the male body. It can be used independently, and also as a basis for supporting the body, which can be strengthened with other drugs from our mushroom pharmacy.


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Veselka vulgaris (Phallus impudicus)

is a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido, fertility and sexual health in men. The mushroom has a strong anti-inflammatory activity of a wide spectrum of action, and also has antifungal and antibacterial activity, stimulates the immune system and can be used as a basic adaptogen for every day. Veselka reduces the level of atherogenic cholesterol fractions, thereby improving the condition of the vessel walls and contributing to the health of the entire cardiovascular system.


Cordyceps militaris

— a strong energizer and antihypoxant that increases oxygen utilization in organs and tissues. Increases endurance and overall tone, gives a boost of energy with increased physical exertion. It can be shown to improve athletic performance during workouts in the gym. The fungus also affects libido, the quality of sexual activity, spermatogenesis and the production of sex hormones (testosterone booster), increases male fertility. Cordyceps has high antioxidant activity and stimulates the production of endogenous glutathione, one of the most important antioxidants in the body.


Crested hedgehog (Hericium erinaceus)

is the most famous mushroom with nootropic properties, promotes the growth of nerve endings by stimulating nerve growth factor NGF. It improves cognitive functions,

increases the speed and quality of the thought process, protects and restores from damage to the lining of nerve cells. Successfully fights neurodegenerative diseases. It is an antidepressant and an immunomodulator. By increasing the brain’s neurotrophic factor BDNF, hedgehog gently improves mood and positively affects behavioral patterns, reducing the risk of depression and allowing the very core of personality to be rebuilt in a favorable way.


Trametes multicolored (Trametes versicolor)

It is widely used in Asian countries as a mushroom with a unique ability to form an adequate immune response of the body to various pathogenic effects and suppress excessive inflammation in organs and tissues. It helps to maintain a natural balance between antioxidant protection and the production of reactive oxygen species in the body, can be used for long courses as a basic prevention of premature aging.


Chinese lemongrass (Schisandra chinensis)

It has a restorative and tonic effect, increases the body’s adaptability to stressful environmental factors. They are most often used in medicine as a stimulant of the nervous system and an adaptogen, as well as for the treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders. When taking lemongrass, fertility and hormonal function in men improve, the function of the adrenal glands is regulated, thereby reducing the excessive level of the “stress hormone” cortisol.


Leuzea (Rhaponticum carthamoides)

— an excellent adaptogen that has a tonic and stimulating effect on the central nervous system. It helps to increase erectile function and secretion in the genital glands in men. It helps to improve memory and the ability to keep attention on specific tasks for a long time. Increases glycogen levels in muscles and liver, allowing you to increase endurance during intense physical exertion.


Goryanka (Epimedium)

— a strong aphrodisiac, increases libido and sexual activity in men. In eastern countries, it is often used as an analogue of viagra. Effectively increases the level of adrenaline, norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, has a positive effect on mood, motivation and overall tone. It is a testosterone booster, which allows you to gain muscle mass faster and improve athletic performance during training.


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