Our mission

FUNGILINE is a new large-scale project launched by professional Russian mycologists Mikhail Vishnevsky and Elena Alexandrova at the end of 2019. The project covers all the main practical mushroom areas and aims to introduce mushroom lovers in Russia and the world to medicinal, edible and poisonous mushrooms, talk about their cultivation and use in medicine, about the huge role that mushrooms have played (and will still play) in history and human culture.

The product line developed for the Russian consumer is based on advanced pharmaceutical research. Fungotherapy has ceased to be an alternative medicine; medicinal and health-improving mushroom preparations are gaining an increasing number of supporters in the world, including among doctors. By acting gently, mushrooms can not only solve a momentary problem, but also harmonize the body as a whole, and also work as a preventive measure for many dangerous and intractable diseases.

The principles of preparing Fungiline preparations are no grown mycelium, only fruiting bodies containing the maximum amount of useful substances. We do not use fillers, preservatives, starch, stabilizers, dyes and do not use GMOs.
Mushrooms heal, and this is finally recognized by world medicine. “Fungiline” and “Mikhail Vishnevsky’s Mushroom Pharmacy” are excellent alternatives to iHerb and other foreign resources.

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