1. New offer!

If you have a business in the field of healthy lifestyle, yoga, art project, herbal pharmacy, fitness center, cosmetology center, medical center, veterinary center and you want to place a branded stand with our products in them (take it for sale at a good percentage), write to info@fungiline.eu with the note “Implementation”.

2. If you are a picker

Picker aggregator, or have experience in collecting wild mushrooms, write to fungiline.eu with the subject “Raw Materials”.

3. If you live in a city with a population of one million

You can become a sales manager in our branch. Write to info@fungiline.eu with the subject “Branch Manager”.

4. If you know where rare, beautiful, interesting mushrooms grow

Especially its northeast, but for especially rare ones we can come to the other end of the country and even abroad (we are especially interested in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan or Georgia , where we often go), write to info@fungiline.eu with the note “Informant”, preferably with a photo (recent). If we are interested in this mushroom, we will come and film everything (and this is also paid for).

5. If you are a doctor, cosmetologist, psychologist, psychotherapist, etc.

And want to recommend our products and make money from it (get into our referral program), write to info@fungiline.eu with the subject “Collaboration”. We will discuss the details in each case separately.

6. If you are a blogger and want to film M. Vishnevsky

On your blog and do an interview with him, write to info@fungiline.eu with the mark “Interview”. We will consider each case separately, but this will definitely not work in the “tomorrow” format; plans are made a month or two in advance, especially during the mushroom season (May-October).