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Lion’s Mane is the most famous mushroom with nootropic properties that promotes the growth and development of nerve cells. Research shows that regular consumption of urchin can improve cognitive performance such as memory, attention and clarity of thinking. Hedgehog can be successfully used for neurodegenerative, depressive and anxiety conditions, as well as during periods of increased mental activity.

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Like many mushrooms grown or grown in an environmentally friendly environment, the Lion’s Mane accumulates the entire necessary range of micro- and macroelements in its fruiting bodies. Including mushrooms in the diet is especially important for people living in urban environments and facing constant oxidative stress (disturbed sleep-wake cycles; nutritional imbalances and eating problems; chronic stress; adverse environmental factors; lack of physical activity). Therefore, mushrooms are a unique and extremely promising product of our time, capable of covering the whole range of nutritional needs of a modern person.


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